TD's Music  (C) 2008


 some new songs I'm working on: 

TD Giddings - guitar, vocals, midi, loops, engineer, producer

Kathi Giddings - vocals, keyboards, ears 

Jim Crozier - bass, vocals, keyboards, midi, loops, ears 

Reflecting in the Moonlight -080929    TD Giddings     (C) 2008

Leaving on the Night Train- 081022     TD Giddings     (C) 2008

Kaye Went Down - 081026         TD Giddings     (C) 2008

Countin' Divers - 081102      Kathi Giddings      (C) 2008


Bass Pro Shop - Kimberly Harrington / TD Giddings  w/ Croz and Kathi      (C) 2009


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